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  6. February 23, 2014 I interviewed expressionist/painter ‘Nebulus Flair’ & also did a photoset with her entitled “Abstract Easel”. We discussed what influenced her to begin painting & what mark she wants to leave with her work for the people.

    1. Where are you from & how has hometown/environment influenced you & your art?

    I was born&raised in West Philadelphia. When I started painting in 2012, I actually had no idea that Philly’s art scene was the way it is. I did not know anybody out here doing his or her thing, so being from Philly didn’t really influence me until a few months into me painting. One of the things Philly taught me is that if you are going to step outside the box, you had just better make it something good. It’s a cutthroat city, so you HAVE to come correct or don’t come at all. Many artists here are portrait & fine artists, whereas through my art is more so raw, like my city.

    2. At What period in your life did you start painting, & where do you pull your inspiration from?

    I started painting after I quit my job at UPS in 2012. It was a rather unusual time in my life because I could not help but feel like I just wanted more. I was so tired of going to work and going straight home. At that point, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, I just wanted more out of my life..I was miserable and painting sorta fell in my lap. I have always been a curious person, always touching something and wanting to see how things work. Therefore when I went down the arts&crafts aisle in Wal-Mart, I brought paint. It literally started from there..it’s that cut&dry. When I paint these days I get inspired from what is inside my mind, how i am feeling and the vibe i’m in. If I am sad, I’ll use a lot of black & muddy colors, if i’m happy I use bright /vibrant colors & if I’m just feeling neutral I like to use more blues and greens, I’ve noticed this about myself.

    3. As an artist do you wish for the people..the audience to connect with your work, and if so what do you want them to intake?

    I always want people to feel something when they see my art. I have been told that my art has metaphysical attributes to it so hopefully it does make them feel a connection. Overall, I want people to get an infinite feeling when they see my paintings. Potential is something important to me because once I realized mine I felt infinite, so I want people to get a sense of “you can do whatever it is you want” if they don’t get anything else, I really want my audience to realize their potential if they haven’t already and to just shoot for lightyears away.

    4. What does the name ‘Nebulus Flair’ mean to  you?

    Well ‘Nebulus’ comes from the real version of the word ‘Nebulous’ and ‘Flair’ is just another word for ‘art’. A nebulous is what you call dust clouds from space that are formed by tiny space matters. To me Nebulus Flair means making something out of virtually nothing, adding your own flair to it and remaining infinite in all you do.

    5. in 15-20 years, do you see yourself painting still?

    On my private island off the map……yes I do.